Success Story

Coaching Projekt-Team Öffentlicher Nahverkehr

Accompanying a project team in the development of a communication strategy for a major transport infrastructure project of public transport

Baseline situation

_ Communication managers from different corporate cultures

_ Heterogeneous understanding of the roles and tasks of the team and of agency management

_ Ad hoc planning of measures

_ No documented communication strategy


_ Development of a framework for cooperation within the project team (mix of classic & agile project management)

_ Realization of regular team workshops

_ Development of a common understanding regarding roles, tasks and responsibilities of the team

_ Coaching of the team in the development of a target group-specific communication strategy and action planning


_ Clearly defined roles & tasks of the communications team 

_ Uniform understanding of prioritized target groups, communication goals and measures

_ Documented briefing for the work of the agencies

_ More budget efficiency through clear overall action planning


Structure. Overview. Achieving goals.