Mediation for eliminating construction sites in companies


Identifying and Counteracting Causes of Conflict

In everyday working life, differences of opinion and conflicts can usually be settled through discussions. If this does not work, however, conflicts can harden over time.


The conflict parties then hide behind their positions and are often no longer in a position to find a constructive solution themselves.

This occasionally leads to entire projects or workflows coming to a standstill or failing.

As a conflict manager, I support you in this,

_  to intervene in time in conflicts

_  to clarify the causes and backgrounds of conflicts

_  to moderate clarification or conflict discussions
_  to develop constructive conflict solutions with the parties involved


Conflict Resolution Services

Conflict Management

_ Analysis of conflict causes and background

_ Conflict moderation & conflict resolution
between individuals, within teams (e.g. project or Scrum teams), between (project) teams and cross-cultural teams

Classical Mediation

_ Conducting an out-of-court mediation procedure to settle disputes between two parties


Success Story

Conflict moderation in a major public transport infrastructure project