Consulting for project management and project communication


Making Projects Fit for Success

Most large projects often take too long, consume too much time and cost more than planned. Or they are in a crisis because, for example, conflicts burden cooperation.

Since projects are complex social systems, their success depends on hard and soft factors, such as

_ organization

_ framework conditions

_ people

_ team work

_ communication

In order to make projects fit again, the art is to harmonize organization and cooperation in such a way that the people involved play together constructively.


Consulting Services

Project Setup & Execution

_ Creating project diagnosis (organization, processes, collaboration, etc.)

_ Defining project framework, goals and subgoals

_ Make the project team fit and coach them (e.g. strengthen motivation by developing the "concern" or meaning of the project)

_ Moderating conflicts

Project Communication

_ Developing a project marketing strategy (goals, target groups, topics, measures, etc.) in order to gain internal and external support for the project

_ Developing action planning and accompanying implementation


Success Story

Optimization of cooperation in a major public transport infrastructure project