Success Story

Einführung Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Introduction of a marketing dashboard to prove the success of measures for an international IT service provider

Baseline situation

_ No continuous overview of the lead pipeline

_ Little transparency about the efficiency of marketing measures

_ No or heterogeneous key figures to prove marketing success

_ Uncertainty regarding the allocation of marketing budget


_ Developing a common understanding of business drivers and metrics

_ Development of a marketing KPI system

_ Selection of a BI application for the dashboard display of KPIs

_ Project management and team coaching during the implementation of the KPI system in the marketing dashboard


_ Uniform key figure system for data-based marketing control

_ More transparency about the lead pipeline and the success of measures

_ Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of measures

_ Regular proof of success of the budgets used to the management

"The cockpit is a great tool we use in our daily work."

Uwe K., Vice President Marketing


Structure. Overview. Achieving goals.